A salute to the non-readers who help me get a feel for Germany in the early 1930s.

After I began writing Fearkiller (Volume 1) in early 2010, Politico ran a story about the GOP’s plan to use the Obama presidency to fearmonger and scare money out of donors. The above slide is from a consultant’s presentation deck.

While I do not have kids, I am a white male. People like us are good at dispensing advice when we shouldn’t.

The Right does not want civil war. Their game plan is to rub everyone’s noses in their unearned wealth while Planet Earth burns up.

Metrosexual ammosexuals, ammosexual metrosexuals, and rich fellas agree: Kyle is a hero.

365 days after the Capitol riots on January 6th, 2021, the rubes sit in jail cells while the organizers look for the next business opportunity.

Lil’ Tucker goes off to war.

The Right wing and Wall Street Democrats do not represent the majority viewpoint. Not even close. And it’s perfectly okay to remind them of this fact.

The Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie. A bunch of minorities.

Hitler told middle-class Germans they were victims of Jews and the rest of Europe.

“We should measure the prosperity of the nation not by the number of millionaires but by the absence of poverty; the prevalence of health; the efficiency of the public schools; and the number of people who can, and do read worthwhile books.” — W.E.B. DuBois

Read futurist Douglas Rushkopf’s piece, Survival of the Richest. (TL;DR: “disciplinary collars.”)

Some thoughts for the bootlickers who say that the rich folks and corporations pay most of the taxes. #wealthtax #taxtherich

Socialism-for-the-rich is not capitalism.

Chris Maley

I pay bills writing Websites, articles, ads, etc. Author of the Fearkiller dark comedy series. Check out my new book, Revolutionizer Alpha. chrismaley.com

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