Attention, my fellow non-MAGAt, non-Jewish white people: Ye is not our problem. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are our problems.

Chris Maley
3 min readDec 2, 2022
On a positive note: the Indiana Jones 5 trailer also released today.

“Nazis…I hate these guys.” — Indiana Jones

Posting near the end of a day of shrewdness on the part of the American Right.

Ammosexual chickenhawk Alex Jones invited rapper Ye to appear on his show and…you know…”explain” his anti-Semitic views.

I won’t diminish Ye’s role. He said what he said and no one forced him to go on the air.


Alex Jones saw an opportunity here. Anybody who says otherwise is being intentionally obtuse or they are straight-up lying.

Any chance to deflect to a rich Black man — no matter the issue — and the GOP will hop all over it like Matt Gaetz on top of a prom date.

Anti-Semitism is one of the Right’s current kinks. And the Holiday Season brought them an early present today, in the form of an unhinged podcast.

Anti-Semites in positions of power search for ways to cloud the picture while advancing their movement at the same time. It’s all about masking over their ugly intentions. Confusion is the goal.

And wouldn’t you know it?

Ever since Ye’s appearance, Right-leaning media types have been denouncing anti-Semitism, mustering every crocodile tear they can muster. In the next breath, they’re pimping their Defense-industry stocks that sell arms to Israel. They’ll be back to dogwhistling about the Cabal and George Soros soon, I just know it.

Then there are the apocalyptic, end-times folk. They believe that, in the future, Blonde Jesus will appear to the few remaining Israeli Jews after they kill the Muslims who are going to invade the Holy Land. Upon doing so, Blonde J.C. will wipe out the darkest of those Jews and invite Evangelicals from the USA to live in Israel.

Call me crazy, but I question their criticism of Ye.

Sorry to sound like “that guy” but I still believe that the majority of the Right hates Jews and wants to persecute them, just because of their faith.

Tonight: if Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity — or any of those Fox News — scream mortified-sounding words about Ye, please call bullshit.

Please. Pretty please.

I’m beginning to wonder about us.

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