Big chickenhawk energy. Part II.

Bonespurs is running for POTUS in ’24. And the woman-hating white supremacists who do not serve in the military, but act like it, could not be more excited.

Chris Maley
4 min readNov 17, 2022

BCE Part I.
Donald Trump did something smart, everyone. Seriously. I’m not bullshitting you here.

His brain showed that it can function. Really, that makeup-covered noggin proved the haters wrong.

Before announcing his candidacy, Trump gave his fanboys a few days to vent their impotent rage.

For a guy who seems to comprehend diddly about human nature, Donald Trump gets what makes Nazi fanboys tick.

With their heads full of dreams about yachts and uber-expensive divorce lawyers — the lawyers who can ensure that the current wife and kids will never get half — servile pinheads were all excited over the “red tsunami” headed their way.


…the election proved that this was yet another empty promise made by the demographic with offshore accounts and accountants who know how to game the tax code.

Democracy won. Fascism lost.

When these things happen, wealthy chickenhawks know the drill: give the poorer chickenhawks some time and space.

Eventually, these types of dudes will figure it out for themselves. They will redirect their words towards more socially-acceptable targets, like women who are sexually active.

Authoritarians are fragile. Not as fragile as democracy, but still. They aren’t as tough as their words seem to suggest. Once they were permitted to shout, MAGAts obediently did what was expected of them.

RWT get their jollies from pushing Tucker Carlson types to overpromise when they shouldn’t, pretending that they know about crystal balls instead of machines that radiate one’s balls.

RWT like believing that some loyal simp will volunteer to “fall on the sword” if a nefarious plan like circumventing the American electorate fails.

(Ironic use of quotes here is meant to convey that chickenhawks never, ever willingly fall on real, actual, honest-to-goodness swords.)

When a wannabe billionaire brags to the actual billionaires that democracy has a price and then discovers that the political system can’t be bought, he sticks to the game plan.

(And this is a game.)

If the Bro were more normal and human, he would go to his room and hit one of Mike Lindell’s pillows over and over until he settles down.

But…Bro not gonna do that.

Spite and racism have replaced his testosterone.

Systemic white privilege allows him to lie.

Performative anger is his weapon.

Bro is a warrior.

If you doubt this fact, Bro will dial 911 and sic the cops on you until you learn.

Going forward, the GOP will not quit trying to subvert the majority. They can’t help it.

And Donald Trump, though he has always been too chickenshit for a real fight, has no problem enraging his followers — who do pose a threat as long as they believe that the police and National Guard secretly side with them.

They aren’t wrong for assuming this, either. January 6th happened for a reason.

Remember the words of Abbie Hoffman:
“Democracy is not something that you believe in, or something that you hang your hat on. It’s something that you do, you participate. Without participation, democracy crumbles and fails. If you participate, you win, and the future is yours.

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