The Donald Trump Tax, Part III.

Why the wealthy fellas who didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016 need to pay more.

Chris Maley
3 min readNov 16, 2023
Registered to vote yet? The idiots have.

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USA TODAY: Donald Trump’s use of the word ‘vermin’ draws more comparisons to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini

Let’s venture back in time…

It’s December 2016. The Holidays.

Yeah…your ears are taking in the mix: jinglebells, wishes of cheer, and Fox News’ desperate reports from the War on Christmas’ front lines.

Along with the normal Holiday buzz, however, the country in 2016 was also hearing messages of concern from women, Black and brown folks, Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ, and immigrants about the incoming President.

Of course, Make America Great Again had no problem laughing off these people’s fears. They were enjoying Corporate Media’s narrative about how whites got revenge for being left behind. (Even though the average Trump 2016 voter earned almost $20000/year more than the median income.) Donald Trump enabled their bigotry and MAGA voters were riding a Master Race-type of high that would not be tempered by talk about human rights.

But a significant amount of non-Trump voters also downplayed the worries expressed by their fellow American citizens. Their indifference made it easier for Trump’s sadistic incompetence to gain momentum. And because they fucked up, they should pay up.

Libertarians and the conservative wing of the Democratic Party gaslighted and tone-policed to downplay the seriousness and scuttle the chances for discussion. Their dismissiveness allowed Trump’s Nazi-esque agenda to get its start.

In many ways, these upper-middle-class non-Trump voters were more insidious than MAGA. They were great at patting nervous people on the head and confidently stating that the super-rich who really ran the USA would keep Donald Trump in line.


Seven years later, Donald Trump owns these rich assholes. He isn’t even President anymore, yet Bonespurs still has their collective balls in his purse. True, many say they hate him. But they are scared. Whether it’s the upper-middle-class Libertarians or the Neoliberal “Democracy may be in jeopardy — but the stock market’s doin’ great!” Democrats, Donald Trump continues to prove that he has power over them. The sheltered blowhards are afraid, with the right-leaning ones kissing Don’s ass and the Wall Street Democrat crowd remaining silent.

Our country’s richest and most powerful citizens failed us. A few years back, they promised the masses that they had Trump under their thumbs.

Again: oops.

No harm in admitting the error of one’s ways. Donald Trump is the alpha and well-off dudebros are his betas. Such is life. Now those beta-bros need to pay up so the USA can fix bridges, invest in schools and healthcare, reduce the deficit, solidify Social Security, and lay groundwork for the future. For starters, we could eliminate the cap on Social Security. Money would flow into the US Treasury.

High-rolling high-rollers who masturbate to pictures yourselves: think of the Donald Trump Tax as a way of apologizing and making amends.

At the beginning of Donald Trump’s term, people who brought up its similarities to Nazi Germany were ridiculed. This past weekend, candidate Trump made a speech that historians are comparing to Adolf Hitler’s rhetoric. The article link at the beginning of this post is worth clicking on and reading.

The country is going to need money to fix all of this damage. The Donald Trump Tax will provide these funds.

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