The Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie went to the polls.

Over 70 million Americans voted to re-elect Donald Trump. The MAGA-hatted aren’t as destitute as they pretend to be.

Chris Maley
3 min readNov 16, 2021


“The petty bourgeois is spiritless.” — Kierkegaard

Re-posting. Part I. Part III.

Hey world, it’s me again. It’s the author of Fearkiller and The Revolutionizer Stories, those books you’ve never heard of. Just shooting the rest of Planet Earth a quick hello from Denver, Colorado.

You know all that “Hillbilly Elegy” bullshit that the American corporate-driven media keeps slinging? Well, guess what? It’s bullshit. The 2020 Election delivered even more proof of this fact.

Take a look at the graphic, especially the group in the black box. The numbers don’t lie: not only did these higher-earners’ Democratic vote decrease by the greatest amount, their Trump vote also increased more than other income groups. In 2016, two-thirds of Trump voters earned more than the country’s median income and the 2020 election looks to be similar.

#MAGA does better than the average American. No one is leaving them behind. Their whining about a changing United States does not come from a place of reality, but instead from paranoid and judgmental spaces inside their minds. And these same people — who have the retirement accounts, health insurance, and other luxuries that many Americans don’t have — these people witnessed four years of Donald Trump and shrugged their shoulders, saying, “Sure, four more. Why not?” America’s managers, small-business owners — people who are responsible for others — think that Crazy-Don having access to the nukes for another term sounds like a good idea.

White trash with money. The Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie.

Think of the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie as a low-rent version of the Petty Bourgeoisie that philosophers like Karl Marx talked about. Yeah, the Petty Bourgeoisie of earlier times sucked (but remember: the negative label mainly applied to a mindset, the income earners who aligned themselves with the bourgeoisie instead of the working-class folks — you know…the sellouts and the sycophants, the lame-asses and the suck-asses and the kiss-asses.)

Only here’s the thing: I think more of the Petty Bourgeois peeps would have worn masks if a pandemic hit. If the medical professionals of their eras advised social distancing to reduce the spread, I see more of these folks grasping the concept instead of turning into passive-aggressive dotards like the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie, who get their intellectual stimulation from Rush Limbaugh. European countries of the 18th and 19th centuries tended to be a tad more intelligent and worldly than modern America. True, their lower classes didn’t have much access to schooling. But many of these countries’ upper classes valued education.

Isaac Asimov said it: “There is a cult of ignorance in America.” And that cult isn’t as destitute as they want you to think.

I’ll close with more Kierkegaard:

“Devoid of imagination, as the petty bourgeois always is, he lives within a certain orbit of trivial experiences as to how things come about, what is possible, what usually happens, no matter whether he is a tapster or a prime minister. This is the way the petty bourgeois has lost himself and God.”

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