When Victories Don’t Deserve Victory Parties, III

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Riffing off of I and II.

When the fascist rallies begin, the whole “armbands” thing is going to be stupid.

I see some rally attendees showing up with theirs on their right upper arms, only other ‘Mericans will be wearing theirs on their left upper arms. The pinheaded people — thinking that the armbands are hats — will be light-headed and woozy due to lack of circulation to the brains. Then there’s the crowd who will walk into the auditoriums super-perturbed because they only got one wristband. They will demand to speak to the manager because they work hard for their damn money and they ain’t getting stiffed on no wristbands, goddammit.

Investor Class: that whole “we-are-one”, uniform vibe that you will be aiming for — it’s just not going to look right when the rallies begin. I’m calling it here.

Billionaires: you wanted the masses dumb because education threatens you. Your decades-long commitment to damaging our educational institutions is evident. In 2018, you have a gaggle of financially-strapped folks who idolize your bank accounts and believe in trickle-down economics and “job creators”.

While struggling white Americans who are giving into white supremacy need major attitude adjustments, I give these folks more of a pass than Wall Street and Big Don. I know who is targeted and who is targeting.

Supremacy is the new currency of the 1%. As they take more and more paper currency, the goal is to hand out bits of supremacy as currency to some people and not others.

Though this supremacy currency distracts the masses, the Investor Class still lusts after dollars-and-cents currency. So much so, that they now lobby to rewrite laws.

Since RICO locked up the mob, now it’s time for Wall Street to work its magic capitalizing on gambling addiction.

The United States Supreme Court ruled that softening the lines of “legality” when it comes to sports betting… excuse me… sports gaming, sorry… is legal. After all, why should mafia guys, Jew hoodlums and black dudes get all the big, awesome yachts and mansions? Wall Streeters need these things, too.

The bro is now the bookie.

This legalizing-sports-betting thing creeps me out for a few reasons. First off, it’s no surprise that Delaware is the first state to push this nonsense. Delaware is a notorious tax haven for the Investor Class. The billions that could be used to replace Flint’s water pipes and bridges all across America? They’re stashed in Delaware.

Then again, from a privileged, sociopathic point of view, it makes sense. Super-bros’ compounded interest in those Delaware accounts is compounding exponentially every second and they need to rewrite some laws to create more money-laundering schemes before their compounded-interest thing eats itself.

And… if one works Congress to relax laws around not only professional sports that use highly-paid athletes, but also free-athlete-sports like the NCAA — think about the cost-effectiveness. Free athletes? Sounds like sweat-shop labor.

Another reason I detest legalized sports betting is the shady finances of the brand-new Supreme Court Associate Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

The man’s debts were considerable. Someone paid them. Such acts are never performed out of kindness. This man now has immensely more power than he did last week. By default, so are the people who know more about his finances.

Late-stage capitalism is not capitalism.

Historically, America’s strength rested in its strong middle class.

The idea of white superboys with giant bank accounts and yachts and jets never caught the attention of the world. Instead, people saw a place where the average person had a decent chance at an okay life.

This idea of a strong middle class defeated the mighty Soviet Union and ended the Cold War. In the battle of the two superpowers, we were seen as the nicer superpower. Since this “war” ran cold and little violence occurred, the contest itself needed public perception on its side and America got the lion’s share of it.

These days, I have to wonder why.


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Chris Maley is a fiction and marketing communications writer, based in Denver, Colorado. Check out his dark comedy series on Amazon. A portion of sale proceeds will be donated to Rock the Vote until the election.




I pay bills writing Websites, articles, ads, etc. Author of the Fearkiller dark comedy series. Check out my new book, Revolutionizer Alpha. chrismaley.com

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Chris Maley

Chris Maley

I pay bills writing Websites, articles, ads, etc. Author of the Fearkiller dark comedy series. Check out my new book, Revolutionizer Alpha. chrismaley.com

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